Tell us what the cons of this product are. item 3 ZEBCO Zebco 33® Platinum Spincast Reel Spin cast reel (parallel import) [NEW] 3 - ZEBCO Zebco 33® Platinum Spincast Reel Spin cast reel (parallel import) [NEW] $81.49 +$30.00 shipping. Qty: SKU: zebco-33-platinum-schematic Availability: Available. 3. In addition to speed, the 33 Platinum also has much smoother action, due to its 5 ball bearings (as compared to 1 ball bearing in the regular model). The cranking bee is a 6'6" telescoping rod. Zebco Bullet spincast reel. Having some fun with the Platinum. Team Daiwa Light and Tough 6′6″ Topwater/Twitchin’ Rod. One doesn’t even feel the gears mesh like with many cheaper spincast fishing reels. After you submit the form we'll email you an activation link with a temporary password. Sturdy all-metal body, 5 bearings, Continuous Anti-Reverse™ and a 4.1:1 gear ratio for smooth, fast retrieves. Sturdy all-metal body, 5 bearings, Continuous Anti-Reverse™ and a 4.1:1 gear ratio for smooth, fast retrieves. I own three cores and have been using them for four years now. This just makes a perfect retrieval system even more perfecter (it’s a word). There's some noise from the reel but it's primarily from the inner-workings beneath the front dome as the reel performs its magic to wind the line back onto the spool. All content provided by is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Yakangler, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws. I have fished with this rod for about six months. The citica was redesigned recently along with the curado and both reels are much lighter and easier to palm than their predecessors. Customers Also Viewed. Zebco 33j authentic. I love my Zebco Platinum 33 Spincast Reel and I own six of them, so sure I will recommend this reel to everyone. Zebco 33 Platinum. Zebco 33 Classic. USD $0.00. Now they are very cheaply made. Review Subject * Comments * USD $0.00. I have owned hundreds of rod and reels since I started fishing about 32 years ago and the Rhino RSC3 Spincast Reel has proved to be one of the ... Ive recently noticed the Pinnacle Solene baitcasting reel starting to adorn the shelves at one of the most popular stores in America, and was pleased when it did. Zebco's New Platinum 33 Spincast Reel provides the Authentic feel of the ever popular 33 series with major improvements to make catching the big ones that much easier! Ratings and Reviews. Zebco 33 PLATINUM TI SC COMBO All-metal 33 platinum reel 5’6” 2-piece rod Custom lure kit Warranty & Returns. Zebco the company has been making versions of the Zebco 33 since 1954. The corrosion-proof stainless steel covers prevents rust from damaging the reel and resulting in having to replace it sooner than later. I own several Shakespeare Durango(SC 15) fishing reels, because of the price and reliability of the equipment. var addy96485 = 'support' + '@'; Now, one of their latest reels, features upgrades that will blow your mind. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * USD $0.00. Features: 4.1:1 high speed gear ratio; All metal body; 5 Ball bearings; Changeable right or … Second, they’ve increased the gear ratio from 3.3:1 to 3.6:1. Trusted, reliable and the best 33 yet, the Zebco 33 Platinum is truly a showstopper. Zebco 33 Classic. The most advanced Zebco 33 ever built, the Platinum is based on the legendary original spincast reel that so many of us grew up with, with cutting-edge improvements that make it stronger, smoother, and more reliable than ever. I have caught over 3000 fish...", "Overall this is a top quality spincast reel. Select the types of water this product is used on. Pre-spooled with 10lb. Improved line management system. Fish will practically feel honored to be caught. 5 stainless steel bearings. Qty: SKU: zebco-33platinum-schematic ... Warranty Information; Click For Schematics. They both were released for sale at the same time and I have had both for some time now. USD $0.00. LOADING... Overview. Buy the Zebco 33 Platinum Ti Sc Combo 33KPL.10C.BP4 on sale for a great price at our online store! For those seeking even more refinement in their spincast arsenal, there's the Zebco 33 Platinum. The drawbacks of this reel are plastic knobs, weight, and ergonomics. The stradic has been a staple of shimano spinning reels for years. Be the first to review this product... OUT OF STOCK. The gears themselves are actually relatively noise free. Zebco 33tlegacy. hi, im not certain that there is a way to specifically date your zebco 33. the first model 33 were introduced in late 1954 or early 1955, at that time the company would still have been using the name zero hour bomb company. The handle is made from high quality cork and is shaped to be ergonomic. Current Stock: × Warranty Information; Click For Schematics. In the most recent year, there is a Zebco 33 platinum, Zebco 33 max, Zebco authentic 33, Zebco 33 micro, and Zebco 33 micro triggerspin reel. 1.0 out of 5 stars Frustrated By 'Poor' Customer Service, Sent the wrong product@#%&$! They made it to the game first and remain a power player. Our top-of-the-line Zebco 33® spincast. USD $0.00. Like any fishing reel, if you use crap line, you will get crap results. I should have read more of the reviews for the Zebco 33 Platinum 4.:1 5 Ball Bearing Spincast Reel. //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information. Zebco is pushing forward spincast reel design with some improvements that … It either slips when retrieving just your lure or a fish sometimes. in 1956 the name zebco was officially adopted. The new Zebco 33 has two improvements worth mentioning. This is also causing me to loose bait and lures. Zebco's top-of-the-line Zebco 33 spincast. Enter the specific model of equipment. 4. Team Daiwa Light and Tough 7′ Heavy Worm & Jig Rod. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of the, Team Daiwa Light and Tough 7' Heavy Worm & Jig Rod, Team Daiwa Light and Tough 6'6" Topwater/Twitchin' Rod. The biggest and strongest reel is the Zebco 33 max. //