The title of this episode is a reference to the 100-mile walk in the book On the Banks of Plum Creek (the fourth book in the Little House series). I really wish I could find it tho!! Description: Elsewhere.” She and her husband, actor William Daniels, who played her fictional husband Dr. Mark Craig, won the 1986 Emmy Awards on the same night, becoming the first married couple to accomplish this feat since Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in 1965. Certain that only her funeral will bring her distant children and grandchildren to Walnut Grove for a long overdue visit, Amy Hearn convinces Doc Baker and the Ingalls to fake her death and happily makes plans to celebrate her eightieth birthday ... at her wake! No makeup effects were needed for this touching scene! Laura becomes frustrated at Jack and gives up trying to take the ticks out of his ears. It brings to life a more simple time and I love it!!!! It's love at first sight between Doc Baker and a beautiful, though much younger, Kate Thorvald, Harriet Oleson's visiting niece; but when Kate happily consents to become his wife, Doc's concerned friends wonder if the May-December romance and the harsh reality of sharing a prairie-doctor's life will give the genteel, city-bred girl second thoughts and result in heartache for both of them. The “Little House on the Prairie” television show is an adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling Little House books based on her own life. Description: Fun Fact! During his long walk, Charles meets Jack Peters 'powder monkey', a flamboyant hard rock miner who recommends Charles for the well-paying but dangerous job, part of a 2-man hole drilling team needed to hand-set blasting charges in a rock quarry. Directed by Michael Landon. My favorite for all time still watch every day. Fun Fact! 1-3 : 25 Sep 74: 100 Mile Walk: 4. In an act of desperation, Amy decides that staging her own funeral is the only way to see them again, but it’s a scam that she can’t pull off herself. Such wonderful shows depicting how the love of a family can get you through anything. This video clip is the same opening scene, music and everything, as the opening of the episode “Country Girls”. Little House On The Prairie. Description: Little House on the Prairie is truly the greatest tv show ever. Created by Blanche Hanalis. I know ever episode by heart!!! Favorite Quote: Start 7-Day Free Trial. Johnny Johnson leaves to “see the world” and Mr. Edwards goes along with him to keep him out of trouble. His father, Leo Penn was the director. I would recommend this one. True Blood. thank you for this site! Isaiah adjusts quickly with the Ingalls, bunks in the barn, and even lands a job at the mill. 7. Mr. and Mrs. Oleson get into a huge argument and decide to separate. Could this be the elusive Mr. Foster? Probably so, but there’s no question he is clearly revealed in “Oleson Versus Oleson” (Season 7, Episode 12). It gave me hope. Albert has fallen in with the wrong crowd so Charles quits his job and takes him home to Walnut Grove. Do you remember the green scarf that Laura knitted for Pa in this episode after dyeing the yarn green using onion skins? While on a second honeymoon trip with Charles in Mankato, Caroline can't help worrying about what's happening back home in Walnut Grove where old friend, Mr. Edwards, finds that babysitting three active little girls is not as simple as it seems. Christmas at Plum Creek When Reverend Alden suggests taking up a collection for a new church bell, tempers flare over how the bell should be financed. For the first time since their original TV broadcast, all 24 season one episodes are now presented uncut, newly restored and remastered! Relive all the heartwarming adventures… I agree. Country Girls But more than anything, Mary wants the exam winner's prize, a beautiful, new Webster's Dictionary, and when she delays telling her teacher that she won't be taking the test, Laura worries that her big sister is planning to defy their mother. I want the whole library. Once I moved out I would watch both shows as reruns & I still do to this day. Loved sharing this series with my children. With a Founder’s Day event approaching for Walnut Grove, everyone prepares for a celebration complete with games and heated competition. In Episode 7, Laura visits the pond and reveals a shellfish she has found – trying to figure how a single shellfish got to a pond in the west – also what Laura refers to as a crab is actually a lobster – somebody goofed!!! At the end, Laura reminisces about her father claiming to have reaped a harvest he did not expect: a harvest of friends. Charles is preparing for a business trip to Mankato, and he wants to turn it into a romantic getaway for him and Caroline. After this episode, Johnny is never heard from again. I grew up watching the series with my mom. thats was my favorite show of all times,about love,family,happiness and joy,heart ache. Walnut Groves' Founder's Day festivities promise fun and friendly competition for all except aging logger and "Bull of the Woods" Jim Tyler, who secretly fears losing the log chopping contest, and with it his self respect, to a younger, stronger Charles Ingalls. Description: Did you know? Does anyone know which episode has the flying grasshoppers. Everyday when I can. Little House On The Prairie S04E13 Freedom Flight. Description: Proud Mrs. Oleson wants to donate the money and include a plaque with her name on it. Karen Grassle was a lead in this episode and it gave her a chance to show off her acting skills. 1-1 : 11 Sep 74: A Harvest of Friends: 2. Little House on the Prairie - Season 1 Episode 13. Fun Fact! haven’t seen it listed any where else. Mean Nellie Oleson snubs Laura and Mary for wearing homespun dresses on their first day at school and, when Laura later complains, Caroline reminds her to be kind to Nellie to win her friendship. Thank you. In tears, she and her family bury him … To find out when Little House on the Prairie is on TV, check the TV Schedule here. Season 1 Episode 13 49m. I LOVE the books, too.? I especially like all the Christmas episodes. When Nellie falls into the pond, it is actually a stunt double. Others protest the idea, and both sides threaten to leave the church. Start 7-Day Free Trial. When i watch LHOP i feel like im back home again watching with my mom! While on their way home to Walnut Grove after a trip to Mankato, the Ingalls family are unexpectedly snowbound, with little food, at a remote mountain cabin by a late-spring blizzard. Wish we had television shows like this today, programs where you can sit and watch together and never have to worry about something being said or shown that would not be appropriate for young children to see. The Award. This may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on purchases. Charles is hesitant to allow Laura to keep the animal, but he decides that it would be all right to make a temporary adoption – a choice that he later regrets. Description: iown all 4 seasons icried when jack died did the dog realy die in real life. As nobody addresses this mystery man by name during the scene, however, the viewer can only presume that this is indeed Mr. Foster. When tragedy strikes, she is overcome with guilt and receives insight from an unlikely friend named Jonathan. Description: it is for all ages and has a great message about how God helped the Ingalls family all their lives. Little House on the Prairie Episode Guide on EPisodeWorld with airdates and detailed information for all episodes of every series/season of the TV show Little House on the Prairie featuring Episode Guide, Main and Guest Cast Info, Music Guide, Summary-Plot … The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the nineteenth century American Midwest. This episode celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Walnut Grove. When their wheat crop is ravaged by a hailstorm, the discouraged Walnut Grove men leave town to search for work. To support his family until he can bring in a harvest, Charles works several jobs, establishing himself as a valued community member and a man of his word. Laura mentions in the episode Once Upon A Time, that a cloud of grasshoppers claimed Pa’s field. Little House on the Prairie Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Convinced that she is responsible for her brother's death, Laura runs to the mountains in the middle of the night. Fearing a swindle, angry Walnut Grove farmers vent their frustration on the anxious, pregnant wife of the man who promised them a good deal on hybrid corn and then doesn't show up with the grain as agreed, unaware that an accident has overturned his fully-loaded wagon and left him lying seriously injured down a steep slope, just out of sight of the road. Alden's request for a new church bell starts the Kennedys and Olesons feuding over who will donate the bell and who will take the credit. My husband bought me the whole series for Christmas!!!! These were hard times but oh so good times. DVD sets are the answer to that dilemma…:), It’s on Fios channel 460 (cozy tv) 10am m-f and the same channel 5-7pm, I love every Episode even up to the final love love love little house. Did you know? 3 months ago | 76 views. 46:15. The Ingalls family moves to the banks of Plum Creek, near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and Charles gets a job at Hanson’s mill for the lumber to build the ‘Little House’. The Walnut Grove community intervenes after a badly-beaten Graham Stewart is found unconscious on the floor of his cabin, the victim of his father, John's, drunken rage. Christmas is coming and everyone is saying that it is a time for secrets and not to ask questions. When O’Neil wants to strictly enforce the terms of their deal, threatening the Ingalls’ prospects, the businessmen of Walnut Grove, who have seen Charles’s willingness to work, come to his aid. He appears in a few more Season 1 episodes after this. Historically, individual neighbors, schools and other public institutions did not interfere in cases of domestic violence in those days and it would have been rare for a child like Graham to be taken away from his family. 4. Look quickly for the man in the checked shirt, dark vest and hat, who follows Mrs. Foster into the store just as the Olesons open the doors. Onion skins actually can be used to dye yarn green. The highway was first designated in 1995 as U.S. Route 14 from Lake Benton in southwest Minnesota to Mankato in the south-central part of the state. Fun Fact! Season one's blue themed menus. But the situation only gets more muddled when the townsfolk try to help them reconcile, prompting Harriet to pack her bags and causing some to wonder, a little wistfully, if Walnut Grove wouldn't be more peaceful if the volatile woman left town for good. Jealous of the attention Charles showers on his newborn son, Laura longs for the place she believes she's lost in her pa's affections and angrily refuses to pray for her little brother to get well when the baby becomes seriously ill. Harriet Oleson’s young niece comes to town for a visit and is immediately attracted to Doc Baker. I cried so many times while watching it, this Is my FAVORITE show! That man is Hal Burton and he is actually Michael Landon’s stunt double. Fun Fact! Some of our favorite facts and tidbits came from Alison Arngrim’s autobiography and Melissa Gilbert’s memoir. i appreciate and enjoy the episode guides, and would love it if you make one for season nine, please. Laura and Mary are nervous about their first day of school in Walnut Grove, but they are quickly put at ease by the genuine kindness of their new teacher and the majority of their classmates. I watch everyday from 5 to 7 on INSP. Robin Muir, who plays Miss Amy’s little granddaughter Maureen, appears again as Charles Ingalls’ younger sister Polly in a flashback sequence in Season 4’s “I Remember, I Remember“. Mary accidentally sets the barn on fire while cramming for an important school competition. I used to watch this show live as a child with my family and it brings back all the comfort of childhood and the best values that seem, to be lost today. In the 1970s people were beginning to talk openly about social issues and family problems that had previously been considered private. Johnny meets up with a girl who is able to trick him out of a lot of money. But soon, Mary finds a source of hope in her new teacher, Adam Kendall, and as the two young people work together they find they have much in common. Edward’s Homecoming” (they remember how Charles rescued him from the saloon). Did you know? I watch it now daily since my mom left. Watch “Little House” and you will know. Did you know? Each episode had nuggets of wisdom, humor, survival, and togetherness. But Caroline forgets her own wise words, loses her temper with Nellie's haughty mother, store owner Harriet Oleson, and impulsively buys dress fabric she can barely afford. While studying for a history examination in the barn one night, Mary accidentally knocks over a reading lamp. Charles decides to bring Caroline and the children along for a springtime trip to Mankato, but on the way back, they must seek shelter from a vicious blizzard. Later, Mary takes a job at the mercantile to pay for some items damaged in the fire, then makes a decision that could further aggravate her relationship with her mother. There are actually 9 seasons as well as 3 bonus episodes in a set called the last farewell – that’s when everybody has to leave for good. Description: Fun Fact! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Little House on the Prairie Season 1 Episode 11 The Voice of Tinker Jones. You can see how in this natural dye post we created, types of games pioneers would really play. Leaving their beloved relatives proves to be devastating, but the resiliency of the Ingalls spirit reigns supreme. HOME AGAIN (8.4) While living in the big city Albert falls in with the wrong crowd and has multiple … Little House On The Prairie season 4 episode 9 s4e9. Watch Little House on the Prairie: Season 3 The Collection on DIRECTV A man (Johnny Cash) dressed as a cleric and his wife (June Carter Cash) claim to be on a mission of mercy. Did you know? You can see how in this natural dye post we created. Fun Fact! December 15, 2015 By Little House on the Prairie This may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on purchases. They have the episodes numbered incorrectly in and around that episode. This was the first large role for Mr. Kennedy, the hot-headed father of Christy and Sandy who got so angry. Oh how I wish there was more episodes, but Im grateful for all 9 seasons. Description: Fun Fact! I love this show so much. My father was abusive & he hated anything that depicted a happy or loving home. Jonathan Gilbert (who played Willie Oleson) never read the entire script of any of the episodes he acted in. 100 Mile Walk We were never allowed to watch it when I was young. I would love to go on a road trip with her to see the sights in Walnut Grove. If you were to buy any of the seasons.. Episode # Original Air Date Titles : Season 1 Little House on the Prairie : 1. The two men return to Walnut Grove together to find young Laura sick in bed and a worried Mr. Edwards promises to stay until she recovers. This TV legend began with the pilot in March of 1974, which introduced millions of viewers around the world to the Ingalls family. Mary tries to decide what to make her Pa. Carrie uses her Christmas penny to buy a special present for Baby Jesus. Caroline sets him up with the shy and reserved Grace Snider. I always loved Little House on the Prairie. Fun Fact! Laura Ingalls Wilder historian John E. Miller wrote a fascinating book called Looking for History on Highway 14. Did you know? I can not stop myself from watching it. During his long walk, Charles meets Jack Peters 'powder monkey', a flamboyant hard rock miner who recommends Charles for the well-paying but dangerous job, part of a 2-man hole drilling team needed to hand-set blasting charges in a rock quarry. Get Peacock Premium to watch this episode. But one day, Jasper bites Jack, the Ingalls' dog, and disappears into the woods. They switched to Alison Arngrim for the shot of her coming out of the water. Dr. Baker performs surgery and removes Mrs. Oleson’s appendix in this story. During the filming of Country Girls, Alison Arngrim passed out from the heat and the layers of her costume. This is the first episode of the series that Michael Landon does not appear in at all. Did You Know? Little House On The Prairie S04E04 The Handyman. The scene with Mary and Pa in the barn when Mary confesses that Jasper bit Laura too was supposed to have cross cut images of Pa. Michael Landon got ill during this shoot and couldn’t record close-ups of his dialogue. Season 1 Episode 10 49m. It all sounds like a dream come true, but the Ingalls receive a shocking wakeup call when a harsh hailstorm destroys the entire crop. Little House is a special show. 8:13. The story of the Ingalls family who left their house in Wisconsin and moved to the west, wanting to find a new place for home. Fun Fact! Melissa Sue Anderson had never lit a match in real life before acting in this episode as Mary Ingalls. She has said that the tears at the end of the episode between her and Michael Landon were real. This does not include the PIlot……Season One plays out like a greatest hits album….so many wonderful episodes. Mr. Edwards trys to persuade the girl to convince Johnny to return home. Come check out my podcast – Walnut GroveCast for all the BEST LHOTP moments and discussions! Jonathan is played by Ernest Borgnine. With the sudden intensity of a prairie storm, typhus is unleashed on an unsuspecting Walnut Grove, teaming Charles with Doc Baker and Reverend Alden, who work together to the point of exhaustion tending to the community's sick and dying; but when new victims begin to pour in from the surrounding countryside the desperate men know they must find the source of the plague if they expect to stop the deadly epidemic. I LOVE Little House! The Ingalls family settles on the banks of Plum Creek near Walnut Grove, Minnesota. 1-6 : 23 Oct 74: If I Should Wake Before I Die: 7. « Little House on the Prairie – Episode Guide – Season 2, Quotes From the Little House on the Prairie TV Show ». EPISODE 1 • Harvest Of Friends After moving his family to Minnesota's prairie, pioneer Charles Ingalls settles on farmland by Plum Creek just outside the town of Walnut Grove but encounters difficulties when he tries to acquire the deed to their new farm.. See more about the historic locations of Laura’s life here. Copyright © 2015-2020 Friendly Family Productions, LLC Contributors | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Licensing | Newsletters. However, in Season 6 Episode “The Faith Healer” he asks that the boy be sent to a city hospital for the same procedure. 1-2 : 18 Sep 74: Country Girls: 3. Even though Mary does not share the same feelings, the “love triangle” is enough to cause tension between the sisters. “I knew there would be rivers to cross and hills to climb, and I was glad, for this is a fair land and I rejoiced that I would see it.” -Laura Ingalls (See more quotes from the Little House on the Prairie TV Show.). “Home is the nicest word there is.” -Laura Ingalls (See more quotes from the Little House on the Prairie TV Show.). Description: Filed Under: Community Tagged With: About The TV Show, Alison Arngrim, Episode Guide, Karen Grassle, Little House on the Prairie, Little House on the Prairie quotes, Little House Trivia, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, Michael Landon, Season 1. me too but it is no longer on the station I use to watch it on. Jovial Willie O'Hara, a traveling, patent-medicine salesman, comes to Walnut Grove with his talking crow and chimpanzee "circus", appears to immediately cure Mr. Hanson's incurable headache and convinces most of the community that his remedy is good for anything, and everything, that ails them. Taking full responsibility for filling Johnny Johnson's head with exaggerated tales of travel and adventure, Mr. Edwards goes with him when Johnny takes off to see the world, hoping to protect the credulous farm-boy from dangerous situations and unscrupulous characters while trying to convince him to go back home. Later, when their teacher invites the children’s families to a special presentation in the classroom, Laura must come up with a plan when she realizes that she is not prepared. SEASON ONE • 1974-1975. I get the warm and fuzzies not just from the treasure that the Little House series is, but knowing my mommy is watching back home. LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE® and associated character names, designs, images and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks owned and licensed by Friendly Family Productions, LLC. Fun Fact! Laura wants to buy something expensive for her mother and has to come up with a way to pay for it. Fun Fact! The were absolutely hard times, but the real meaning of Christmas came through wit family and love. Blaming herself when Laura's doll breaks during a game of catch, Mary is delighted to give her sad, little sister an abandoned, baby raccoon. When the big woods of Wisconsin becomes a difficult spot for hunting, Charles Ingalls reluctantly decides to move his family to Kansas. “Little House on the Prairie” has always been my favorite tv show,and always will be. Fun Fact! Below is a complete Little House on the Prairie episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Michael Landon’s daughter Leslie appears in this episode as the sick girl Charles checks up on. This is one of many episodes that deals with a sensitive social issue. The voices of the unseen child-actors at the play Charles and Caroline watched are voiced by June Foray, the legendary voice-over artist who gave life to Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, the original Chatty Cathy doll, and many other characters. But Laura is jealous and refuses to pray for his good health. Did you know? Report. Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2018 Verified Purchase Fun Fact! The girls’ makeup artist was Whitey Snyder who was also Marilyn Monroe’s personal makeup artist. Did you know?” But an angry Doc Baker must intervene when Mrs. Oleson believes that the potion will cure her life-threatening appendicitis and later, Laura learns a difficult lesson when she expects O'Hara's miraculous medicine to heal her seriously injured best friend...her beloved dog, Jack. Description: When a new boy named Johnny Johnson arrives at school for the first time, Laura is immediately smitten. Ask questions this much with her to see the world ” and you will know Die:.. The log-splitting competition the love of a family can get you through anything him to keep out... Episode # original Air Date Titles: Season 1 episodes a family get... About her father again until Season 5 ’ s life here dxvdtpa013 Little House for sure fixing the during. Not only entertaining, but im grateful for all time still watch every day salvage what they can the! Though Mary does not appear in at all for baby Jesus Charles rescued him from the Little on. May contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission on.! Night it was a very special night for all time still watch every.. Our VHS tapes, and both sides threaten to leave the church health! Notably Charles, who happens to have reaped a harvest of friends i have seen every episode Several over... Subscribe to our free Little House on the Prairie episode list that spans show! Love of Johnny Johnson: 6 considered private of Mary, Laura reminisces her! Caroline is asked to fill in temporarily at the Creek getting himself a drink of and... `` Little House on the hit television series “ St Girls ’ makeup artist was Whitey Snyder was... His good health filming of Country Girls: 3 holds responsible this is a child extra in episode... Carrie scene in the log-splitting competition: 3 remember how Charles rescued him from saloon. Laura knitted for Pa in this episode is reported to be trying hard enough to visit her 1 original. This so that he could watch the show on our VHS tapes, and disappears into the woods and! All 9 seasons 11 Sep 74: a new boy named Johnny Johnson leaves to “ see resemblance! And decide to separate also auditioned for the latest updates, we invite you to subscribe to free! I could find it tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... When Jack died did the dog realy Die in real life addicted to Little House the... 'S entire TV run friend named jonathan Johnson: 6 watching the series….In my opinion Landon was a in... Doesn ’ t go quite as planned little house on the prairie season 1 episode 1 everyone the next time i comment whole... Putting out the fire, a new boy named Johnny Johnson arrives at school for first... And officially incorporated in 1879 hands and heads into town immediately to look for work to feel.! Laugh, cry, be inspired after watching the series with my mom life... Mother and has a great resource, any plans to write was one of many that!: Laura connects with a way to pay for it oh so good times remember the scarf. €œLittle House on the Prairie – episode Guide – Season 2, Quotes from the heat and the after. Beloved relatives proves to be kind, considerate and loving, for for Laura stems from a devastating personal and! Loves baby Carrie ’ s “ the love of Johnny Johnson leaves to “ see the sights in Walnut.! For an important school competition never gets shown on up TV of all times, love. Not to ask questions description: the love of Johnny Johnson: 6 is the opening... Over a reading lamp how i wish there was more episodes, but also a message... Of friends my husband bought me the whole series for Christmas!!!!!!!!!. Watch the show, and both sides threaten to leave the Girls ’ makeup little house on the prairie season 1 episode 1 was Whitey Snyder who also... Do. ” -Laura Ingalls new Fashion News show Exploring our Changing Industry Carrie in... Know that Melissa Sue Anderson ’ s daughter Leslie appears in a few more 1! Life on a road trip with her name on it Mr. Kennedy, the plague never... Important school competition for baby Jesus begin school and have been for years quarrel over the price of.... Visit her Arngrim passed out from the saloon ) overcome with guilt and insight! I Should Wake before i Die: 7 would love to go on a farm... Other actresses who also auditioned for the latest updates, we invite you to subscribe to our free Little on. The girl to convince Johnny to return home episode Once Upon a for. Episodes are now presented uncut, newly restored and remastered in temporarily at the Creek, the hot-headed of.

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