For some other tips related to wood stain check out, “How to Lighten Stained Wood (In 8 Easy Steps)” and “How to Repair Peeling Stain on Wood Stained Kitchen Cabinets.”. What do you suggest? satin or high gloss). In case you are painting something white or off white on a dark piece, then I advise that you apply up to three coats for fantastic coverage. Clean your table and chairs to get any grime from previous use off of it. To help you better understand what each involves, we’ve highlighted all the characteristics and points below. Applying Polycrylic and letting it cure does take some knowledge. Having any imperfections can allow the protective coating to seep into the cracks and result in an uneven application. Not typically but I have before and it’s a great step if you want to take it. It is applied with a brush or is sprayed on, and has many of the same properties as oil-based polyurethane. Again, be sure to use a total of 3 coats, allowing ample drying time in between each. To give the subsequent poly layers something to bond to, sand lightly between coats with 320-grit sandpaper wrapped around a hard block. The more coats you apply, the smoother it usually gets as well. Just be careful not to deeply scratch the finish and certainly do not … You may have heard to only use steel wool, but many manufacturers recommend either one. September 04, 2020, DIY, Lifestyle Lastly play with the amount you apply. In addition to mowing and fertilizing your yards, you will have to dethatch them from time to time.... How To Get Oil Pastels Out Of Carpet (Step-by-Step Shade Guide). Tack cloths work great for cleaning and other applications…just depends on preference! You can also use the same technique when applying over paint. However, make sure that you are using a high-quality, fine synthetic bristle brush to avoid streaks and brush marks. Don’t be afraid of pattern. I spray it through my paint gun, but this top was equivalent to about 3-4 thin brushed coats. Make sure your poly is mixed well before using, that way your piece is completely clean and clear of all dust and that the environment you’re working in is as dust free as possible Also when applying the poly do your best to brush it on in one direction. Also, since the finish dries fast, you have to be rather quick with your application in order to achieve the right look before it dries. You may not be applying enough. This is how I apply polycrylic on any wood surface when not spraying it from an HVLP spray gun. After final coat, allow 24 hours before normal use. All types of wood must be finished with a special layer of coating for added protection from light, moisture and other elements. I don't "pre-raise" the grain as the 1st coat seems to do that just fine. Allow the Polycrylic to dry for several hours. Tweet on Twitter Pin on Pinterest After the first coat, I used 220 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface as recommended. If unable to do so, wait a minimum of 72 hours, then lightly sand and recoat. .a{fill:#62564a;} I chose Polycrylic rather than polyurethane because polyurethane can cause yellowing on white paint over time. Step 2: Remove the legs (if you can) from the table and if there’s any imperfections or scratches in the wood, sand it and use your tacky cloth or a wet rag to get all the sand dust off. It is applied easily by spraying the liquid out of the aerosol can and the simplicity of the application is probably the biggest benefit. When I did a brown bag decoupage on a large round table I put 6 coats of poly. This time, the table is really done and the dining room is put back together! With there being so many brands of poly what would you recommend as using? It’s recommended to apply 3 coats of this finish and avoid any excess as this could cause the wood to bulge. Helpful. Apply gloves (the dye is very messy and hard to clean up!) If that’s the case then you might be looking at a total refinish job which is obviously more complicated. You want to avoid brush strokes going against the grain as it can distract from the beauty of the wood and the piece you have built. I mean, that's what they are meant to do, right? The more coats you apply, the smoother it usually gets as well. This acts as a sealer and provides a barrier between the wood and the oil finish you are using. POLYURETHANE or Polycrylic, water or oil based? Before I began tinting my own sealer, I sanded the table lightly first. I can’t give out brands but I will say I try and buy high grade brushes and then take care of them so they will last. Also, always wear a protective breathing mask when you’re using a spray-on polycrylic to avoid inhaling any of the chemicals. Two coats of chalk paint also do look great on the surfaces. If it starts to wear down the road a few years, add extra coats the same way." Paint doesn t raise the grain of the wood so i typically do not sand between coats of polycrylic over paint. If you typically apply a heavy coat, try a lighter coat and see if that happens (or vice versa). How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment (Push and Riding). Polycrylic is very fast drying, much faster than most other finishes or varnishes, but that said, it does not dry or cures instantly. Special Instructions: Polycrylic Just because you can’t get this oil-based paint in a huge variety of colors … The first coat should be mixed with mineral spirits. This product can essentially be found in two types, either an aerosol can or in a paint can. Lot's of good info already, but I'll add a bit specific to Polycrylic since I've used a bunch of it myself: I add about 15-20% floetrol before spraying with a 1.0 tip. Both of these options will be safe and effective for your wood. What brand & color is the stain on the table you are applying the poly to? When selecting polycrylic or polyurethane, polycrylic is also on the less expensive side. It really all depends on preference and what you’re using the piece for and where. You won’t want any dust or debris getting trapped under the finish when it’s applied as it will be stuck for good. Never use oil based poly products, it will discolor your paint. It MUST be applied in several very thin coats literally brushing over it until it’s tacky and the sheen disappears. Although the initial prep of the surface will be the same, the application steps will be slightly different depending on the type of polycrylic you have chosen to use. Considering that this paint dries in no minutes, you might not have a very long wait in between layers. Ultimately try out a few brands and test out their finishes and see which one you prefer! Also, achieving a thin layer without leaving air pressure marks can be difficult. What Poly do you recommend. How many coats are recommended? Applying multiple coats helps as we’ve dealt with bubbles as well and notice it’s always worse on the first coat. Share the story Ultimately at least two coats on the top is preferable unless you want a very rough feel to the finished product. How to mix Polycrylic with Dye to create a tinted top coat. We don’t know yet…but we’ll let you know as soon as we do…provided we get the opportunity to do more : ). Reply It’s recommended to apply 3 coats of this finish and avoid any excess as this could cause the wood to bulge. A bristle brush is needed to apply the coats. Then I distressed just a little, on the edges. Also depending on the poly finish you are using brush strokes may be more likely (i.e. Any home improvement store usually carries them. (Love the new digs!) If unable to recoat within 1½ hours, wait at least 72 hours then lightly sand and recoat. 20 comments on “ My Five Worst Mistakes ” bob 02/06/2014 at 4:13 pm. Since it comes out in such a thin layer, it does dry even faster than the paint-on version. It also protects against normal wear and tear and adds a shine to the wood. Preparing the Wood Surface for Polycrylic, link to How To Dethatch A Lawn With A Mower Attachment (Push and Riding), link to How To Get Oil Pastels Out Of Carpet (Step-by-Step Shade Guide), How to Lighten Stained Wood (In 8 Easy Steps), How to Repair Peeling Stain on Wood Stained Kitchen Cabinets. Sanded down to bare wood: Two thin coats of walnut stain were applied, followed by 3 thin coats of POLYURETHANE. Wait for at least 24 hours after the final coat before using the table. A little test of how well polyurethane works when there are 40 coats. Also, the container says to sand in between coats. on Jan 25, 2019. Jessica considers herself a home improvement and design enthusiast. I am looking for a crystal clear finish, but not shinny. Arguably the best type of protective material and finishing agent for wood is Polycrylic. If it’s going outside you may want to apply more! Avoid thick layers and applying too much pressure to the brush. Add one drop of dye at a time to the polycrylic while stirring This finish protects the wood from damage due to household chemicals as well as chipping, scuffing or scratching. Polycrylic cans are typically hard to find as they’re often limited in quantity. Polycrylic™ dries to the touch in 30 minutes and can be handled after 1 hour. In the example we used, the scratches were limited to the poly layer so we only had to do a light sanding and then re apply the poly. Table of Contents. You’ll most typically see this type of finish used on cabinets, doors, furniture or other interior pieces of wood. As far as the downsides for brush-on polycrylic go, it can be difficult to apply without seeing noticeable brush strokes.